16.03.2019 Workshop
Spürbarkeit – Leiden und Ausdruck in der Sprache der Weltbezüge
09.12.2018 Workshop
Unheimliche Begleiter – Virtualität und Administration
03.11.2018 Workshop
Das Unbewusste des Politischen
11.08.2018 Workshop
Berners / Hermanns
Erdrotation – Psychiatrie und Zuflucht
09.06.2018 Workshop
Berners / Hermanns
Erdrotation – Ramadan
14.04.2018 Workshop
Berners / Hermanns
Erdrotation – Dialog
20.01.2018 Workshop
Berners / Hermanns
Erdrotation – After a long time
12.08.2017 Workshop
Hermanns / Berners
Erdrotation – Die Wand
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Hawa Noor M.

Hawa Noor M.

M.A. (Peace and Conflict Studies), Researcher and Founder of Tai Consulting, Nairobi – an entity that is committed to intercultural exchange and learning.

COFUND Ph.D. Fellow (EU Marie Sktodowska-Curie Progam) Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences,
Universitaet Bremen

Extract of a few articles:

Kenya and Somalia November 2015, Taylor Francis Online


Patriarchy, extremism and why we can’t ignore women October 2015, Pambazuka News


Beyond the Façade and what Operation Usalama watch exposes about the war on Terror in Kenya  May 2014, Mats Utas


Solution to ideological struggles and extremism lies in dialogue, not force April 2014, Daily Nation


Between Cultures March 2013, Millenium Express http://millennium-express.daad.de/2013/03/08/between-cultures/?lang=en

Raising Africa and the Paradox of its Media Image 2013 http://www.isn.ethz.ch/Digital-Library/Publications/Detail/?ots591=0c54e3b3-1e9c-be1e-2c24-a6a8c7060233&lng=en&id=175367

The Children Who Braved the Toughest Battle…. and Are Still Fighting! 2013 Global Network of Religions for children / Africa

Book: Friends at Bamburi Beach. Shee, Wambua, Kariuki, Kerina – Paintings and Carvings (together with Ulrich Hermanns), Privat Print 2015 Download PDF

See the position of Hawa online at Panafrican TCV-News (Aug 2016):












Ulrich Hermanns
Psychoanalysis, Poverty and Society
Henri Berners
Love Missile Golgatha – Die trinitarische Bombe (INRI)
Ulrich Hermanns
Asymmetrische Weltbinnenverhältnisse – Die schreiende Stille der Externalisierungsgesellschaft
Ulrich Hermanns / Henri Berners
Michael Eldred
Aristotle deleted
Ulrich Hermanns
Ulrich Hermanns
Dass doch alles anders wäre. Über Lüge, Phantasie und Objektivität
Hawa Noor M.
On Air / Interview with TVC News
Ulrich Hermanns
Vom „Schwarzwerden der Welt“. Zu Achille Mbembe
Ulrich Hermanns / Henri Berners
FOUR DAYS / Parlez-vous Bowie?
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Hawa Noor M.
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